The 7th Anniversary for El-Kosheh Martyrs
(2nd Jan 2000)

استغاثة الى فضيلة شيخ الأزهر

الى فضيلة الإمام الأكبر شيخ الأزهر الشريف

حيث ورد لمركز الكلمة لحقوق الإنسان شكوى المواطن ميلاد سليمان بشرى والتي يتضرر فيها من اختفاء شقيقة الطفل سامى سليمان بشري 16 سنة فقط من عزبة السعدة مركز اطسا محافظة الفيوم والذي تبين فيما بعد انه اشهر اسلامة رغم انه لا يزال قاصرا وبالشكوى الى الجهات المسئولة أفادوه أن الإسلام يصح بالبلوغ ويجوز الإشهار من سن الرابعة عشر و لا يوجد قانون ينزع حضانة الابن من أبيه طالما دخل الإسلام ولم تفلح اى محاولة لرؤيته وبالبحث تبين أن هناك تنظيما متطرفا يقوده المدعو / سيد صدقي عبد الحفيظ 35 سنة ليسانس حقوق لاسلمة القصر في الفيوم وهو ما أكده الشاكي أمام مسئول أمنى رفيع في مركز اطسا بالفيوم

فهل يقبل فضيلة الإمام اسلمة أطفال صغار ونزعهم من أسرهم وتسليمهم لأشخاص آخرين في حين أنهم لا يعلمون شيئا عن الإسلام أو غيره من الأديان ؟؟

رئيس المركز / ممدوح نخلة المحامى


Call to the Grand Sheik of Al-Azhar to InterveneTo the Grand Sheik of A-Azhar It came to the knowledge of Al-Kalema centre form Human Rights  through a complaint lodged from Milad Soliman Boshra regarding the disappearance of his borther Samy Soliman who is a minor of 16 years old and resides in Ezbet El-Saada Itsa District El-Fayoum Governorate.It later transpired that the child declared his Islamisation in spite of his young age. By complaining to the authorities, they answered that Islamisation could be declared by age of 14years old, and there is no law to return him to his family as he became a Muslim. Several attempts to meet with the child failed. It later became apparent that there is a Radical Islamic organization in the area led by Mr Sayed Sidki Abdel-Hafiz 35y, who is a qualified lawyer, he is dedicated to trap underage children and pressurize them to embrace Islam. We call upon the Grand Sheik to intervene and ask him, does he accept taking children of their families under the pretext  that they embraced Islam while in this young age the children are generally not mature enough to know about these issues?




Zurich, Nov. 28th-29th, 2006


On November 28th and 29th, 2006, the Advisory Association to the United Copts met. The Association was headed by Mr. Adly Abadir Yousef, and Dr. Shaker Alnbolsy, Mr. Magdy Khalil, Dr. Ahmed Abo Matar, Mr. Medhat Klada, and Mr. Ezzat Bulos were all present. After careful consideration, the association agreed on the following:

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United Copts GB General Meeting
For Members and Trustees
23 December 2006
For details please contact

Sexual Orientation Regulations, lobby Ruth Kelly and your MP to stop it.

New Information and Action Pack    

(8th November 2006)     


What are the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) and how will they affect Christians?   


An opportunity to serve our people in Egypt

Dr Samieh Amr, the new Egyptian Medical Counsellor has recently contacted the President and the EC members of the EMS-UK to establish closer ties between the Ministry of Health in Egypt and the Egyptian Doctors in UK through the EMS and the Egyptian Medical Office in London. 





عادت تاماف إيرينى إلى السماء الثلاثاء 31 أكتوبر 2006 الساعة 9 مساء بعد تدهور حاد فى حالتها



Open Letter of Complaint about BBC Attitude and Reply

Mr. Michael Grade

BBC Chairman

BBC Complaints,
PO Box 1922,
Glasgow G2 3WT

Dear Sir  . 

Samuel Bolis with us Saturday 28/10/06 all welcome 
The meeting on Satuday will take place in Ibrahim's house
Please support his project


dr shawki karas


Dr Shawky Karas, inspiration to all Copts.

"In the third anniversary of his departure" 


lotus flower2.jpg2
United Copts GB General Meeting
For Members and Trustees
29th October 2006
For details please contact


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